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AdventureDoc.orgGeneral information on all the services provided by Adventure Doc
AD Accompaniment
AD AccompanimentExpedition Doctors,Paramedics and medical support provided on-site and in the field
AD Clinic
AD ClinicPre and post-travel consults for international travelers
AD Consulting
AD ConsultingConsultations for companies, groups and organizations who require or provide medical care
AD Education
AD EducationSeminars and classes on medical education and skills
AD Facilities
AD FacilitiesDesign and construction of medical facilities at any location
AD Staffing
AD StaffingA variety of medical staffing solutions ranging from full-time to locum tenens and per diem

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Custom Packages

Groups and organizations can create a curiculum that best serves your needs
Custom Packages

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Adventure Doc provides doctor and paramedic services to travelers and adventurers, worldwide. Our expert HealthCare providers travel with your group to ensure total medical coverage, no matter your location or activity. For adventurers who do not need to be accompanied by a healthcare provider, we offer a 24/7 remote medical hotline (LINC) that allows real time consult with our travel health experts, from anywhere in the world.

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AD Handbook
AD Handbook
AD Handbook